Well roumor is that I am moving down to Bellingham. Canada has finally kicked me out (so to speak) so I will be attempting to get a job and maybe even attend grad school back in the States. We shall see.
My birthday was great: I spent the day with some friends around Vancouver […]

May 10th

On this day…
1775 - American Revolutionary War: Representatives from the 13 colonies of the United States meet in Philadelphia and raise the Continental Army to defend the new republic. They place it under command of Cavalier George Washington of Virginia.
1838 - Birth: John Wilkes Booth, American actor and assassin of Abraham Lincoln
1869 - The […]

In The (North) Round 1

Once again I spent the weekend down in south Washington visiting with the family and having an early birthday celebration (Freaks and Geeks and News Radio on DVD, ’nuff said). One the way back up to Vancouver I went to The (North) Round 1 at “The Shop” and got to hear the lovely sounds […]

Camping at Tofino

Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island is a wonderful place to visit! I had the pleasure of camping at Bella Pacifica with some friends the other week and had a wonderful time! I finally got my pictures up so check out my Camping at Tofino page to see some of our […]

Music and Stuff

I am back in the ‘Couv after a long and enjoyable weekend. My interview at Western went well, I think. Somewhat discouraging is that there were 45 applicants but only 20 to 25 get in. I think I have decided that I will definitely be moving to Bellingham (despite the lack of […]

Velella velella!

I am back from a wonderful (although somewhat wet) camping trip with some friends to Tofino, BC on the west coast of Vancouver Island (pictures to follow). Before I post on that (I still need to organize all the photos), I wanted to show a few pictures of a creature I had never seen […]

You Had Better Take MacGyver’s Credit Card!

Just a short update for now (I will be pretty busy over the next few days… or weeks… month?). I went over to MEC (for all your folks from Seattle, MEC is like REI… well REI when it first started anyway) to see if they had any cheap sleeping pads and lanterns. I […]