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I am back in the ‘Couv after a long and enjoyable weekend. My interview at Western went well, I think. Somewhat discouraging is that there were 45 applicants but only 20 to 25 get in. I think I have decided that I will definitely be moving to Bellingham (despite the lack of jobs) regardless of being accepted to the masters program. If I don’t get in I will just apply again in the winter. Now I just need to find an apartment in Bellingham.

The parents’ move down to south WA went well. They have lots of stuff… Their new house (that they are renting until they find a place they like) is nice but I just can’t get over how close the houses are. I can’t imagine ever buying one like that. Also, now it takes 5 hours to get there instead of 3, so that kinda sucks. Oh well. I think I will be heading down there this weekend again for an early birthday weekend and a trip to Powell’s Bookstore (without any money, mind you).


I wanted to mention a few shows that are coming up that you should attend:
May 6th: John and Braydn (of The Lonely Forest) will be at The Crocodile with others. 21+, $7, 9:00pm. Unfortunately I don’t think I can make it to this one, but you should!
May 8th: John Van Deusen (of The Lonely Forest) and Tara Ward (of Late Tuesday) will be at The Shop at 3rd and Snoqualmie in Mt. Vernon, WA. Doors @ 6:30pm, $3-$10 suggested donation. I will be there!
May 25th: Late Tuesday has a CD release show! The Viking Union at WWU will host @ 8:00pm, $7 general/$5 students. This is a benefit concert for Lou Gehrig’s disease. I am pretty sure I will be there (can’t see why I wouldn’t be)!

And speaking of Late Tuesday‘s CD release, they are preselling their newest album Drowning out Love at their website. Cost is $15 and if you order by May 9th, they are offering free shipping. The CD should be shipped by the end of the month, so order up! They also have a few samples from the new stuff available in their music player at the top of their website. Stop by and I hope to see you at their CD release show!

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