The United Nations: How the Antichrist will rise!

No, I am not actually a premillenial dispensationalist, but it was an attention grabber, eh? That being said, the United Nations must be stopped!

The UN, as an organization is a miserable failure that the US should make every effort to remove itself from. In one post, the Diplomad suggested that instead of increasing the number of permanent seats on the UN Security Council, France gives their seat to Japan (as there is already a member of the EU on the council and Japan give a crap load of money, it makes sense that they are part of the council). I would suggest another solution, give them our seat and we will just leave the UN all together.

The UN is so filled with corruption and mismanagement of funds it is amazing they have lasted this long. The UN has been all talk and no action for years. Yes, some sanctions worked on Saddam, but the UN was largely unable to threaten Saddam nor take any action against him to get him to comply. Their solution, we give the US permission to invade Iraq but will whine and complain a lot if they actually do.

Let�s take a look at Sudan. Do you people realize the atrocities going on over there? Again, the UN is ALL talk. �Please stop killing people, it isn�t nice. If you don�t, we might have to talk to you more.� I am not really an advocate of the US acting as �world police� but how long are we supposed to wait? Even before we invaded Iraq we had waited a good amount of time after we had been given the go-ahead. Eventually action just had to be taken (I know there are many of you that disagree with this and suggest that diplomatic solutions should have be found regardless of how long it took). How long should the US sit back and wait for the UN to resolve the issue in Sudan? I think we should have gone in ages ago, probably before we even went to Iraq. For some reason we continue to think that if we just wait long enough the UN will come through for those people. This is a false hope. The UN has failed here, completely, it is hard to dispute that.

If that wasn�t enough, let us look at the Tsunami disaster. I point, again, to the Diplomad for some interesting insight into the UN response here, here, (definitely) here, here, here and especially here. (Ok, you really should read them all) If the UN was a non-profit organization they would have been laughed out of the business because of such high overhead and lack of response to need. If I had sent money to the UN I would be pissed that it is not being used.

Here is a thought, donate to World Vision, they are already there, have been there a long time, and will continue to be there when all the media leaves.

I offer these links as other examples of the ineptitude of the UN:
WaPo article on the exploitation of girls in the Congo by UN Troops.
Donald Sensing on the UN�s failure in the Congo
One article on the Oil for Food Scandal. There are MANY examples that could be shown for this, if you want to find out more about this HUGE scandal, just do a Google Search or check out Instapundit.
A Roundup at the Belmont Club on the Oil for Food scandal
An article on corruption at the UN by The Diplomad.
UNICEF and its �bloated bureaucracy� by The Diplomad.
WaPo article on a UN official who may have blocked inquiries into corruption.

The Antiprotestor has a great summary of UN failures, definitely check it out.

The links can go on and on.

There are so many reasons to leave the UN, but will that ever actually happen? People just seem to think that we need some sort of global organization, maybe we do. If we do, the UN is not that organization. Most people think that the UN is generally good, but I�m not really sure why. I think most people just don’t really know what the UN is or does. To most people it is just a name of a “powerful” global organization and therefore it is a good thing. I don�t know if that view will ever actually change. It is probably just as likely for that view to change as it is for the UN to change, I hope not.


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  1. Max
    May 28th, 2009 at 13:43 | #1

    The Un is the greatest tool of Satan in our times. It is bringing about the final Antichrist Marxist global dictatorship. For the last few years it has already brought about the characteristics of the antichrist forcing its will upon small countries to make them accept the funding and furtherance of the worst genocide in the history of mankind, abortion and birth control pills.

    All small countries are falling for the demonic marxist propaganda of things like “international agreements” and vague smokescreen language meant to utterly avoid telling the truth, so they can accept the UN wishes and implement abortion and birth control pills and sodomite agendas in every country of the world.

    Only war can hold back some of the UN forces from taking over the whole world. Small countries must use force if threatened by the UN to implement their satanic genocides in their countries. The UN marxist genocidal whores must be stopped from controlling the whole world. In the Bible it does say that the antichrist will have violent opposition, all who wish to fight to protect the preborn from the UN abortionist genocidal agendas MUST leave all abortion tax funding and UN supporting nations and build cities and countries of refuge and protect them by force from all outside attacks, or they will all be murdered, thrown in prison or similar if they refuse to bow down and fund the abortion genocide with their taxes.

    THE UN IS A DAMNED SATANIC GROUP funding the worst genocide in the history of the world, do not in any way let its propaganda seduce you.

    The final exodus has begun.

  2. May 28th, 2009 at 17:37 | #2

    Heh. While I am firmly against the UN, most of what you said is nonsense. The UN isn’t going to take over the world, it will continue to be completely ineffective and useless. They are a waste of money and resources, but they are not actually a tool of Satan.

    I find it strange that you group abortion and birth control pills. They are not even remotely similar.

  3. OKPLM
    April 27th, 2014 at 23:24 | #3

    According to Revelation 13, the 1st Beast has 7 heads and 10 horns. The United Nations Empire includes all the 7 continents of the World. The UN is soon to divide the world into 10 Economic Regions. Never in the history of this world, that an empire is able to rule the whole world like the UN Empire. (Since the Tower of Babel) Almost all the nations had surrendered all their powers and authorities to the UN Empire, without the consent, of their people. The Club of Rome, had already approved through the UN Empire, to divide the world into 10 Economic Regions. This is the 10 Horns of the 1st Beast of Revelation 13. The first of these 10 Regions is the European Union. Once the EU, becomes successful economically, then the OTHER 9 Regions will be implemented, and established. The leaders of these 10 Regions, will be appointed from the UN. But according to Revelation 13, that one of the 7 heads, of the 1st Beast will be severely wounded, and it will appear to be dying. But the wound will recover and the head will live again. This is talking about the Antarctica Continent. The Antarctica is being defrosted by the scientists, through THE HAARP EQUIPMENTS, for weather modification, that are owned by the SUPER POWERS in the UN Empires. And it will cause WORLD environmental chaos. But they will fix it again AND REVERSE THE CLIMATE THROUGH the HAARP weapons. THE ANTARCTICA will be back to normal AGAIN. Once we have the 10 economic regions, there will be another World Empire, THAT will be born. It will be known as the NOW EMPIRE. We will have a One world Religions, and have a One World political leader, ruling the whole world. The NWO is the second Beast of Revelation 13. The NWO EMPIRE will force every human beings, whose name is not on the Book of Life, to worship the IMAGE OF THE 1ST Beast, which is the IMAGE OF THE UNITED NATIONS EMPIRE. According to revelation 13 the Anti- Christ is not a man, but an EMPIRE. We have a leader in the UN, but is not the anti-christ. We will have a leader in the NOW, but will not be the anti-christ. THE ANTI-CHRIST IS THE UNITED NATIONS EMPIRE, BECAUSE THE NWO EMPIRE WILL FORCE PEOPLE TO WORSHIP THE UNITED NATIONS IMAGE. THE UN IMAGE, will be is the image OF THE BEAST WHOSE DEADLY WOUND HAD FULLY HEALED. Through the UN, SATAN has been able to change everything. The UN had already change the political laws for every country, established the world economic system, world military, world environmental laws, selecting the political leaders of our countries etc….They are using false flags, 9/11, GMOs, chemtrails, haarp, ufo’s, cold wars, social engineering, geo-engineering, media, tsunamis, earthquakes and all natural disasters, depopulation etc… to create fear and create solutions. They even create Communism against Democracies. The Western Countries vs The Eastern Countries. In any Cold War, USA and Russia never directly fight with each other, but they wrecked the country they fight over with great damages. It also allows them, to dump their older ammunition and mines. These things, enable them to gain control of the world. Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus the one and only true God, the UN and the NWO fits the descriptions of the 2 beasts of REVELATION 13. Please hold on to your faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. The Illuminati, Satanism, Occultism, Zionist, free-masons, new age, and Satan are behind the UN setup. Christians can’t stop the Anti-Christ, because, it is a biblical prophecy, that must be fulfilled. Russia, USA, CHINA, BRITAIN, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY AND ALL THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD are all members of the UN Empire. The governments are all being used by Satan for his evil purposes to establish his Kingdom from Jerusalem. They set up Hitler to kill the Jews, so Israel can become a Nation again. Their aim is to rule from Jerusalem after the Rapture, through the NOW EMPIRE, and establish the One World Religion and the One World Political Leader.

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