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I have found that listening to my cousin Sal is usually a good thing. Her suggestion to check out The Diplomad was another good one. Diplomad is
A Blog by career US Foreign Service officers. They are Republican (most of the time) in an institution (State Department) in which being a Republican can be bad for your career — even with a Republican President!

I spent a good chunk of the evening browsing through many of their posts and found them to be funny, clever, and insightful.

Because of many different things, including many of the Dimplomad’s posts, I will shortly be writing a post on how useless the UN is.

As a sample, you should read the following three posts by the Diplomad. These three posts hit directly on things I have thought much about and will also eventually write a post on (the list of things I need to write about seems to be growing!).

Terror & Islam- Time to Face the Facts
Terror & Islam, Part 2
Terror & Islam, Part 3

These posts are brutally honest and if you are concerned about being politically correct and completely tolerant of anything and everything imaginable (except for anything that goes against your ideology), they may not be for you. They have written other posts relating to this subject that I will bring up at another time.

Check them out. And remember kids, if your cousin Sal tells you to do something, just do it.


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