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Welcome to Matt Jones’ Random Acts of Verbiage. I appreciate the visit! Due to personal reasons my blog is on hiatus for now. It is my hope and desire to write again, but I do not know when this will happen. You can still follow Matt Jones @ Twitter or check out Matt Jones @ There are other various ways to contact me, feel free should you have the desire. I will still be monitoring things here but do truly hope to blog again. Thanks for being a reader!

While you are here, please visit Matt Jones’ Random Acts of Verbiage Archive Page to check out my past posts!

A few of my favorite pages and posts:

  • Mattithyahu – a little about me
  • Space Saturday Archive – cool astronomy photographs
  • The Lonely Forest – lots of info, pictures, and videos from the Seattle band
  • Late Tuesday – lovely music from a lovely band
  • Jason Harrod Live – a great performance from the folk singer at Seattle’s Zoka Coffee in 2003
  • The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller - thoughts about Keller’s book
  • On the Meaning of Christmas – with links to my other various posts about Christmas
  • Bruce Waltke: Myth, Evolution and Genesis 1-3 - issues of interpretation
  • Logic and the Universe - irrationality is important too
  • Providing Water to Families in Africa: Water Filter Comparisons - there may be new technologies out now, but the point is, it’s easy to help!
  • Some thoughts on John 19:30 – see also Τετέλεσται
  • The Word: How the Bible Came About – see also Origins of the New Testament
  • The Three B’s of the Church – Belong-Believe-Behave
  • Who do you say Jesus is?
  • A Response to the “Proof of God” Debate - Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron prove God?
  • The God of the Bible is also the God of Science
  • Rosie the Physicist – in which I mock Rosie O’Donnell and her “Truther” ideas
  • The Shema - שמע: Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehad
  • Apostasy and Shusaku Endo’s Silence – difficult ideas to mull over
  • Creation Science – in which I discussion belief in Creation, but not Creation Science – see also Science vs. Religion
  • Judges 19 – a difficult passage
  • What if the Earth stopped spinning?
  • Peterson on Child Birth – Eugene’s funny
  • 1 Peter 2.24-25 – an exegesis paper on a great passage
  • New Testament Foundations – notes on the New Testament
  • The Passion of Jesus Christ
  • “The Synoptic Problem” and Harmony “Issues” - oh those darn Gospels
  • Ash on the forehead, beads around the neck - a look at Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday
  • Nouwen’s Return of the Prodigal Son – a favorite book (and Rembrandt painting)
  • On Distant Shores – a brilliant Five Iron Frenzy song, especially the bridge
  • Jesus IS God – it’s true
  • String Theory Primer – I’m sure it’s all changed now though, darn science
  • Predestination and Free Will
  • Picturing God
  • Aliens Cause Global Warming - looking at an essay by Michael Crichton
  • So take a look. Categories listed to the right. Browse around. Donate cash. Whatever.

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