?????????? - “It is finished.”

And as he hung on the cross, having lived a sinless life, having paid the penalty for your sins and mine, Jesus uttered his last words before dying. ?????????? (tetelestai) It is finished (John 19.30). This one word summary of Jesus life and death is perhaps the single most important statement in all of Scripture. The word means to complete, to bring to perfection. Jesus had fully done the work God the Father sent him to do. Paul spends Romans 5 discussing this very fact, that our salvation is sure because Christs death totally defeated the effects of Adams sin, completely.

But the tense of the verb, the perfect tense, brings out even more of what Jesus was saying. The perfect describes an action that was fully completed and has consequences at the time of speaking. Jesus could have used the aorist, ???????? (etelestha), and simply said, The work is done. But there is more, there is hope for you and for me. Because Jesus fully completed his task, the ongoing effects are that you are I are offered the free gift of salvation so that we can be with him forever. Praise the Lord. ??????????

I stole this from a previous post; the insight comes from William Mounces Basics of Biblical Greek (Second Edition from Zondervan Publishing, 2003). I found it quite fitting for today.

I hope you are pondering, again, the mystery of Good Friday. ??????????

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