Hi. My name is Matt Jones, and I’m a blogger…

Who is Jesus?… sort of. This has been the longest dry spell for me in terms of blogging. I probably shouldn’t even be blogging now, but here I am. Two double aught eight has done me well so far: I have been super busy with classes and teaching, both of which have prevented me from posting. That is somewhat of an excuse, as it isn’t like I don’t have any time to blog; my spare time has just been used in different ways and been a little more precious to me. I will, of course, continue to blog, I enjoy it too much to leave. Sorry to those who have been looking for updates! Also, sorry for things running a little slow, I am not really sure why that is happening. I think I need to contact my web host to see what the deal it. I changed the theme around a bit in hopes of speeding things up, but that hasn’t helped much I don’t think. I just hope it is bearable!

Aside from providing a much needed update, I wanted to remind all you out in the blogosphere that Easter is coming up. Today is Maundy Thursday, I invite you to ponder the Upper Room and what is preceded. The Last Meal taken there among a group of friends was to lead to betrayal, denial, and the Passion. What a sad and wonderful weekend we begin to celebrate tonight.

While I will be heading down to spend Easter with my family, for those of you still in Seattle I invite you to my church up on Queen Anne: All Saints: Church for all who Believe, Doubt, and Seek. There will be three services: 7:30am (yikes!), 9:00am, and 11:00am. I have no doubt that Bill will speak truth and wisdom into your life with his words guided by the Spirit and the Word.

The All Saints media team produced the advertisement at right for the Seattle Weekly. Thought provoking, eh? All Saints is an interesting mix of folk and I think this ad exemplifies the diverse background of attenders. Hopefully as people come to truly understand the Passion, the need for the Cross, and the abundant life that comes from accepting the grace offered to us will lead people to pick “c” - Lord willing.

Have a great weekend!

PS, for those interested in this sort of thing, I have created a Facebook group for All Saints, come and join!

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    Good to know you’re alive and kicking! :)

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