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    Tsunami Satellite Photographs

    These photos are provided by DigitalGlobe

    They are a great resource for satellite photographs and have been providing tsunami disaster photographs for media all over the globe.

    This page is going to take a while to load because of all the pictures, I apologize, but the images are worth the wait. The amount of devastation is quite staggering.  Prayer and aid is much needed in the area (of course). I hope that you would pray with me that God would comfort the people of South-east Asia and show them how fragile life is. God is the one who can bring about true life, all things of this world will fade away.

    The first four links are PDF files so you need Adobe's Reader to view them. DigitalGlobe did a wonderful job with these files, if anything, these four files are the ones you should see. Right click and select "save link as".

    Tsunami damage from Meulaboh

    Tsunami damage from Gleebruk

    Tsunami damage from Banda Aceh

    Tsunami damage from Sri Lanka

    The following images show a region before the tsunami event and then the same region after the tsunami. (Images are clickable for larger versions.)

    These pictures are of Banda Aceh (different areas).

    These pictures are of Kalutara Beach

    These pictures are of the Gleebruk Villiage

    Here are three extremely high resolution images showing a very large area (both before and after pics)

    Meluaboh: Before (5.35 MB)After (5.15 MB)

    Gleebruk: Before (2.3 MB) After (1.44 MB)

    Banda Aceh South: Before (1.22 MB) After (1.48 MB)

    Please feel free to leave a comment.

    Comments are gladly welcomed!

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