EDU 6130: Day 1

September 26, 2007

Biblical Teachings: John 21:11 (153 fish, net didn’t break)
Reality: Changing demographics, achievement gap (why is it there? What is it about those kids?)

Course Structure:
Lecture and Discussion
Get to know ourselves: perceptions, attitudes, biases, influences
Get to know our students: engage, motivate, connect
Do MCE – Bank’s book
Hear different voices: Schlesinger, videos

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Educational Blogging

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Online Education

North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL)
NACOL National Primer on K-12 Online Learning (PDF)
Southern Regional Education Board (SREB)
SREB’s Report on State Virtual Schools(August 2007) (PDF)
SREB’s Online Learning Task Group

Advantages? Disadvantages? Are the means of assessment just as rigorous?

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The Teacher I Hope To Become

The Teacher I Hope To Become


For me to be the best and most effective teacher I can, I should:

  • Communicate classroom procedures clearly and follow through with them consistently.
  • Always be consistent with managing disciplinary situations.
  • Respect all my students, their questions, and ideas and help develop that same level of respect in them.
  • Foster an open environment for inquiry and discovery; ask great guiding questions.
  • Find the appropriate balance between (perceived) compassion and appropriate distance with the student-teacher relationship.
  • Always be as patient as possible.
  • Encourage analytical thinking and show how it can be applied to other areas.
  • Be passionate about the lessons and material being taught.
  • Be self-aware.
  • Cultivate “with-it-ness.”

Similarly, I will hope to avoid:

  • Raising my voice.
  • Treating students unfairly.
  • Focusing on facts instead of deeper, analytical thinking.
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EDU 6918: Day 6

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Teacher Dispositions (the way a teacher is perceived by the class, beliefs from within, habitual inclination, attitudes and orientation towards students, lesson plans, managements, etc.): What behaviors constitute effective teacher dispositions? (patience, creativity, affection for children, observation, flexibility, confidence in authority, passions for what you do, clarity, positive mood.)

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Library / Reference / Database Search Links

SPU Links: SPU Library - Educational Databases - All Databases

Databases: ERIC via EBSCOhost - Education Full Text via Wilson Web


Google Scholar via SPU Proxy

Two Online Tutorials (Use IE): Beyond Google - Web Page Evaluation

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EDU 6918: Day 5

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Internship Roles and Responsibilities – what are my roles and responsibilities as an intern? (Handbook pgs 43-50)

1) Sate-Identified Routes in ARC

a) Route 1: Already in school, but no bachelor’s degree

b) Route 2: Working in school as assistant or para, continuing with that job during internship.

c) Route 3: (Most of us) Career change, not much experience in the school, but have experience with kids, etc. Don’t have a wide educational background.

d) Route 4: Already teaching, emergency cert or conditional cert.

2) Classroom Teaching & Learning

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I’m back… and tired

I left Wednesday after class for Bellingham, Thursday (way too early in the morning) I got up and got on a charter bus and drove down to central Oregon to Wildhorse Canyon, a YoungLife camp.  There, along with the 150 or so kids we brought, 700 middle schoolers had a blast.  They swam, played games, climbed walls, participated in huge number of other activities, and most importantly heard about God.  It was a great weekend.  I made it back to Seattle last night at midnight.  I am tired… and sunburnt.

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EDU 6918: Day 3

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Writing Lesson Objectives: What are well-written educational objectives?

              I.      Positive Impact on Student Learning: what is it?

a.       My answer: Providing instruction that causes the student to advance in understanding both in content knowledge and in conceptual and analytical thinking.  A progression from where they were to something better.  Can to reason and apply that learned knowledge to other areas?

b.      Other answers: Teaching how to ask questions.  How to enjoy learning so they can enjoy it the rest of their lives.  How to find meaning in what they are doing, communication of that meaning.  Making connections between what they are learning and how they would use that outside of that context.  Emotionally develop.  Socially and academically developed individual thinkers.

c.       State answer: A teacher through instruction and assessment has been able to document students’ increased knowledge and/or demonstration of a skill or skills/or essential academic learning requirements (EALRs).  WAC 181-78A-010(8). 

d.      How do you know you are making a difference?  The coordinators will be asking us this question as we go through our internship.

           II.      Curriculum Planning

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EDU 6134: Chemical Dependancy

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Chemical Dependency Guest Lecture

Social drinker doesn’t want to lose control, alcoholic just wants to drink, needs to change the way they feel.

Balance is main goal, something that addictive personalities need to know and strive forward.

Things to look for: hard to see sometimes because everyone is different.

Look for D.I.T.E.P.

What we can do as teachers to help:

Be Informed – sign of symptoms

Talk, be open (to a degree)


Go through the students’ agenda with them so they know (and you know).  What are the consequences?

School Policy

School Consequences

Drug/Alcohol Counselor - teen yellow pages

Buzzed: The Straight Facts about the Most Used and Abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy

Washington State Alcohol / Drug Clearinghouse

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