Why am I here?

Sorry, this isn’t meant to be some huge deep, meaningful blog. Merely a reflection on why this blog is here at all. Quite frankly, I don’t know. Chances are, no one will ever read this anyway. I generally don’t write anything down as I hate to write, but I don’t mind typing so much, so here I am, possibly getting some of my thoughts down in 1s and 0s.

I suppose I should offer a reason for the particular posting name: Matt comes from Hebrew. מתתיָהוּ (Mattithyahu) literally meaning “gift of Yah” Yah being the contracted version of יחוח Yhvh (Yehovah, Yahveh, Yahweh) translated as the proper name of the God of Israel.

I guess that is all I have for this particular second, I am sure Iwill be back with more. That is if I remember that I set this thing up…


EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is from a previous blog so the original comments no longer exist.

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