The epitome of sloth and glut

I am continually amazed at how american culture can take sin to the next level. “The Seven Deadly Sins.” Of course no sin is more deadly than any other but those seven are probably the most obvious of personal sins. Apparently we, as a society, are tired of keeping those sins separate. “What we REALLY need to do is figure out how we can combine sins so I don’t have to waste time on individual indulgences.”

A few refrigerator companies have figured it would be a good idea if they merged sloth and gluttony. They have figured that people are just not lazy enough (or maybe they think we are already this lazy and want us to keep up the good work), and have built a refrigerator with a television built in. I saw this about half a year ago at Fry’s, and am now seeing it on television commercials. What is going on? Walking five or ten feet from the kitchen to the television was just too straining? I REALLLLLLY need that cheese log, if only it was near the tv. How have things come to this? I want my kids to have complete access, all hours of every day to the least amount of movement possible. What I am working on now is building a bed on top of the fridge with the tv, oh and don’t forget the internet!

Shalom and happy eating/watching.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is from a previous blog so the original comments no longer exist.

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