Sad Superbowl Sunday

Well, the Seahawks finally made it to the superbowl, but I don’t get to say the are NFL champions. Why not? Because all the refs were from Pittsburgh. Seriously, I know it is easy to put the blame on anyone but the team, but come on, did you see the game? […]

Snowshoeing at Baker

Another one of my adventures this weekend was snowshoeing with Dan, Stacey, KC, and Hilary up at Mount Baker. What was even more fun was we ended up hiking in the dark - the sun really sets early! We had a good time (for the most part…), I had forgotten how much I […]

Late Tuesday at the YWCA

Today I drove down to Bellingham and met up with my sister, Erin, to see Late Tuesday play at the YWCA as part of the Bellingham Pop Music Festival to benefit Whatcom All-Ages Arts and Music. We saw four groups play (Late Tuesday, Panda & Angel, The Robot Ate Me, and 1985) and it […]

Weekend in Seattle

This week is “reading week” here at Regent College and since I have so much to do, I (naturally) decided to head down to Seattle for the weekend to visit some friends. I basically hung out, went to UCF, watched tv, made (and ate) lots of won tons, smoked Cuban cigars for the second […]


This is a bit past due, but I wanted to share some pictures from Chad and Meghan’s wedding.

Do The Puyallup!

Some pictures from the Puyallup Fair.

Camping at Swift Reservoir

A fun week of camping with the fam at Swift Reservoir near Mount St. Helens.