Sad Superbowl Sunday

Well, the Seahawks finally made it to the superbowl, but I don’t get to say the are NFL champions. Why not? Because all the refs were from Pittsburgh. Seriously, I know it is easy to put the blame on anyone but the team, but come on, did you see the game? Apparently the refs didn’t! It is true, Seattle did make mistakes and didn’t play their best game. But the entire game was slanted towards the Steelers. Seattle got penalty after penalty called against them but not the Steelers (even though they were pulling the same stuff). Seattle had 7 penalties for 70 yards, the Steelers had 3 for 20. Yes, 20 yards. There were two extremely poor calls that literally would have reversed the game. One was the “pass interference” call against D. Jack that was clearly not a pass interference. (That’s 4 points more for Seattle - only 4 because there was a fieldgoal scored on that drive that I am replacing by the touchdown) The second was the “touchdown” by the Steelers’ Roethlisberger from 1 yard out. Now, it is somewhat understandable that the play wasn’t overturned because the replays were somewhat inconclusive, but I think it was pretty clear that he did not make it to the enzone. And the lame sliding the football across the goal line was pretty weak. (That’s 7 points less for Steelers) Correct score? Tired 14-14. But Seattle had some amazing momentum going on and I am confident they would have triumphed (had the refs been fair). Ok, enough ranting, they lost, nothing I can do about it. Both Homgren and the the players were class acts and didn’t complain (so I will for them). Good guys them Seahawks. I am looking forward to next year!

On the up side, I did have an awesome weekend hanging out with people. The superbowl was spent at The House (a ministry house owned by friend Greg and Angie DiLoreto, I lived with them the first two years they had it, it was a great experience!) with a bunch of UCFers (past and present) which was way cool. It felt strange going back, it was odd to not know a bunch of the people there! Fun times with old and new friends. Here are a few pictures from the party. Click an image to go to a larger version.

It wouldn’t be the superbowl with out deep fried … anything!

Some of the gang getting some grub. Dan Ahn, Angie DiLoreto, Sean Peters, Nathan Bales, Bethany Martin, Ashley Ronnel

Wishing things were going better… Stacey Dameron, Casey Clevenger, Andy Bauerle

Having fun watching the referees sell out. Dan Dameron, Stacey Dameron, Casey Clevenger

The cute couple. Dan and Stacey Dameron

Greg is not happy!

Angie expressing her disgust with the way the game is going (and slanted).

Greg is still not happy.

One of the tvs was set up on the wall. Note the score… we should have had 7 more, they 7 less… but who I am to whine? Rebecca Miller, Casey Clevenger, Dan Dameron, Angie DiLoreto, Stacey Dameron

The crowd is not looking happy. Genevieve Sofie, Bethany Martin, Kate Rothgeb, Tammy Suen, Greg DiLoreto

Cheers and Go Seahawks!!
-Matt Jones

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  1. February 6th, 2006 at 19:23 | #1

    Sorry about your ‘Hawks. Funny and true story? The backjudge graduated from my college - Juniata College… in Huntingdon, PA. So, yeah, he might have been a Steelers fan!

    Truth is though - Seattle has nothing to fend off the “Terrible Towel.” It is all powerful in such events. But, you have a right to be angry.

    I actually think my Dad might have had something to do with it. “Angels in the Endzone!” :)

    Maybe next year for the ‘Hawks.

  2. Becky
    February 6th, 2006 at 19:30 | #2

    Haha thanks for the pics Matt. :) I miss the old crowd of UCF, so it was a good time hanging will all of ya.

  3. February 6th, 2006 at 20:28 | #3

    Haha, interesting info David! Hehe. I do admit that the Seahawks made some bad mistakes, but so did the Steelers. I just wonder how things would have gone if some of the calls had gone our way.

    Well if we make it next year (and aren’t playing the Steelers), send a message to your dad and have him root for us! ;)

    Becky, it was definitely fun to hang out with the folks, lots of good people there, even if Idon’t know them very well.

  4. JillW
    February 7th, 2006 at 07:50 | #4

    I’m thinkin’Greg is looking a bit like Gimli!

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