It should be fairly clear that I haven’t posted on Wikimapia in a long time, but I am glad you still come here and have found things useful. There are still various links on the right, including a donate button, please feel free to send a few bucks my way! :)

For more up to date Wikimapia information, there are a few places you should be visiting:

  • Wikimapia Documentation: Wikipedia style information about Wikimapia.

  • Wikimapia Forums: Here people can discuss all matters Wikimapia.

  • Wikimapia Blog: The Official Wikimapia Team Blog

  • And just to be clear (as I still get LOTS and LOTS of comments about this), I am NOT an employee of Wikimapia and cannot do anything to help you with someone saying anything mean about you. Sorry.

    If you would like to visit me at my MattJones Wikimapia Profile.