I have been at and using WordPress for nearly two months now. I wanted to take a quick moment to do some housekeeping and get some feedback.

How is the layout working? Is it easy to find posts/links/archives/whatevers? Is it easy to navigate? How does it display? I generally use Firefox and I know that Internet Explorer has had some issues with the image alignment tags but I have no idea why, sorry! All I can say is Get Firefox!

I have decided to remove the Google Adsense ads between the posts because they really weren;t worth it. In their place I have made a few dividers and would like some feedback as to which one you think I should use.







If you don’t like any of these, sorry! Offer a better suggestion!

Also, I have made the background a fixed image. Is it too much? Should I use a more subdued image or go back to the solid color?

Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate any comments and suggestions for making this blog a good place to be. Feel free to comment here or to eMail me at matt [at] mattjonesblog [dot] com.

Thanks again,

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