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Listening to the Spirit in the TextI finished my paper for Christian Spirit and I actually fairly happy with it, although I have no idea if it is what Hindmarsh wants! (I will post the paper on Thursday) I was primarily discussing Gordon Fee’s view of the Holy Spirit as discussed in his Listening to the Spirit in the Text. I highly recommend this book to everyone out there. The book is a collection of essays from other publications (many from Regent College’s Crux) and cover a pretty wide variety of topics.

Two more finals to go. I haven’t packed yet for Christmas break. Late Tuesday concert at Q Cafe on Friday night in Seattle. Dad’s side of the family Christmas party Saturday in Edmonds. Leann’s “Ugly Christmas Sweater Fest 2005″ in Bellingham on Sunday. Have dinner with friends from high school in Tacoma on Monday. Busy busy busy! But at least I will be done with the term shortly! This will probably be my worst term, grade wise, but I did really enjoy it and I learned a lot, so I guess that’s good…

I will leave you with a few quotes from Fee’s Listening to the Spirit in the Text:

The proper aim of all true theology is doxology. Theology that does not begin and end in worship is not biblical at all.

True spirituality, therefore, is nothing more nor less than life by the Spirit.

Thus prayer as rejoicing, thanksgiving, and petition marked Paul’s own spirituality (life in the Spirit in terms of personal devotion), and was waht heurgen, and prayed, for his congregations. Paul was a pray-er before he was a doer or a thinker.

It is the presentness of the kingdom in Jesus that untimately serves as the basis for the ongoing global mission of the church.

What Jesus began “both to do and say” is not the misintry he has left his church until he comes again.

I could provide numerous others, the book is filled with many powerful statements and challenges, check it out!

-Matt Jones
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