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For those of you that have been an avid reader of Steven den Beste over at USS Clueless, there is an interesting piece over at EuroPundits commenting on how much den Beste contributed to blogging and political commentary. Den Beste also comments on the post and talks about why he left and why he won’t be coming back.

He alludes to the fact that the large majority of his email was from people who were criticizing him and his essays and very few were from supporters. I think this is a pretty sad fact. Even if you disagree with someone, to nitpick every little thing could drive someone mad I suppose. It is too bad that someone who wrote so many interesting essays with such a variety of topics had to leave something that he really enjoyed.

I know that Beste will never actually see this post, but I would say to him: thanks. Your essays were interesting and thought provoking and I will continue to read them and suggest that everyone checks them out. I am sorry that you are going through a tough degenerative disease, all I can do is offer my prayers. Best regards with those things that do still give you pleasure and I hope you recognize that you did have many readers that appreciated greatly what you did there and I apologize that we didn’t let you know more often how we felt. Again, Thanks.

People: go read his essays, pick a topic, do a search and I am sure he will have something interesting to say about it. USS Clueless is a great site, ’nuff said.

UPDATE: Some more thanks and thoughts over here.

UPDATE: Den Beste has just posted a “Best Of” Good thing to check out. (H/T to “Instapundit”)

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