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New Year’s is upon us. I probably won’t be around until after, so I hope you all have a great celebration to usher in the new year. For many, it is hard to have hope at this new year with all thr troubles going on around them. It is important to remember that God is there in the good and bad times and is always there to fall back on. We are all in this adventure called life together and shouldn’t forget one another. God has called us all to something higher, no matter what our situation is. God bless you all and remember to pray for your loved ones as well as your enemies.

I will leave you, once again, with a really meaningful song. I know I have posted it before, but I really like it and it truly speaks to what the new year should mean. Plus it is my blog and I can do what I want. :)

Five Iron Frenzy - “New Year’s Eve”

It’s New Years Eve and I’m full of empty promises, I half pretend to keep this time, just like last year. The band is loud and I’m wandering the shadows, wishing I was never here. I persevere. A crowded room, these whitewashed tombs, they raise their glasses high, they kiss the past goodbye.

This New Years Eve, I’m waiting for tomorrow. My heart is on my sleeve, and yes I still believe, this New Years Eve, will turn out better than before, I’m holding on, still holding out, until they close the door… on me.

It’s New Years Eve and I feel my insecurities, are haunting me like ghosts, this sinking quicksand. And then with thunderous praise and lofty adoration, a second passes by, yet nothing changes. I hate my skin, this grave I’m standing in. Another change of years, and I wish I wasn’t here.

A year goes by and I’m staring at my watch again, and I dig deep this time, for something greater than I’ve ever been, life to ancient wineskins. And I was blind but now I see.

This New Years Eve, something must change me inside, I’m crooked and misguided, and tired of being tired. This New Years Eve, I’m waiting for tomorrow. My heart is on my sleeve, and yes I still believe, in You.

Shalom and God Bless you in the new year, may YOU be new as well.
Blessings, Matt

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