A Pause and a Question

I will be away for the weekend (I know, you are so depressed) at a lovely wedding in Spokane (aka Spoka-vegas, aka Spokompton) probably having to deal with lots of snow over the pass. I am just glad I am not driving, thanks Leann! Then I will be moving all my crap back up to Vancouver to the start of the new semester at Regent. I hope everyone has a good weekend and congratulations to David and Andrea!

While I am away, please discuss this and report back to me: Genearlly people have the same body temp. When you go out in the cold your teeth will eventually begin to chatter as a reflex by your body to try and warm up. My question is this: why do people start chattering at different times and with different severities? Is it because of differences in blood flow? Body fat? Is it psychological? There must be a simple reason for this but I have not researched it, as you have a free weekend (right?) and I don’t, you should find out and let me know. Thanks.

[UPDATE: The original post and comments are no longer available. :( Sorry!]

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