Yes, My Apartment is Small

I know I showed a few pics of my apartment before, but I thought I would show some that really show how small it really is. I really like my apt and I don’t need too much space it is just funny to move from having lots of space to not much at all. Anway, this many not interest you at all, but here they are none the less.

I am pressed against my door, this is essentially the entire apartment.

I would actually title this “Kitchen” not Kitchen… Good thing I don’t know how to cook very well. It works and is enough for me!

Nice and compact I say!

Who needs more room than this?

This doesn’t really represent the smallness of my apt, I just like to show off my books ;) Pride isn’t a good thing, I know. Just ask me how many I haven’t finished and that will bring me down a peg.

So there ya have it, a basement apartment in Vancouver, BC… with wireless :)


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