Remember: 60 Years Ago

January 27th, 1945: Auschwitz is liberated.

Up to 1.5 million people were killed there. Human hubris is deadly.

“Key facts on the Nazi Auschwitz death camp” from The New Zealand Herald
“Auschwitz horrors remembered” from This is London
“Remembering Germany’s Darkest Place” from Deutsche World
“Survivors join world leaders at Auschwitz” from Reuters UK

The picture at right was taken while in Germany (so obviously not Auschwitz, it is actually at Sachsenhausen, near Berlin) and pictures the “slogan” at the entrance to the concentration camps: Arbeit Macht Frei roughtly translated “Work Brings Freedom” or “Work Liberates” and also shows remnants of the furnaces used to cremate the numerous victims.

May you find and remember who brings true Liberation.

God Bless and Shalom

UPDATE: Once again the Antiprotester Journal has another post of note on this subject.

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