A Blogging Fast

I am still trying to get into the flow of things for this semester and balancing my time has become an issue. THe bulk of my classes are at the beginning of the week leaving me with a “free” last half and weekend. I am trying to get things more spread out so Sunday-Tuesday night aren’t insanely busy. In order to do this a little better I am going to take this week off from blogging, not just writing, but surfing and reading as well. I just figure it is the best thing to help me get on task and reduce the number of distractions. Once I have straightened things out, I will be back (look for me on Saturday or Sunday I would think). Try to not post anything TOO interesting on youg blog! I don’t want to miss anything!

Please feel free to continue commenting and I will respond when I get back. If you need to get a hold of me, my email is always on: matt [at] mattjonesblog [dot] com

Feel free to check my Blog Archive on the side bar.

Here are a few of my favorite posts (that you can still comment on, hint hint…). From most current to oldest:
Big Day in Iraq - Pictures and commentary on the historic election day.
More Tsunami Satellite Photos - Pictures and links to more pictures, other posts, and resources.
The United Nations: How the Antichrist will rise! - I don’t like the UN.
Global Warming? - What do YOU know about Global Warming?
A Beautiful Sight! - Some pictures that I took of Mount Rainier.
Better Late Than Never: A Year in Review - A short recap of Me in 2004
Christmas a pagan holiday? - A discussion of Christmas
Are you a Christian? - Well are you?
The Nature of Hell - Another possibility?
On Distant Shores - Comments on a great song by Five Iron Frenzy.
Science vs. Religion - I hope to add more to this eventually.
Jesus IS God - I hope to add more to this as well.
String Theory Primer - Yep
Predestination and Free Will - My comments on this ongoing dialogue.
Picturing God - How do you visualize God?
Dennis Miller, End Times, and Michael Moore - I also hope to do a more formal write-up on “end times”
Aliens Cause Global Warming - Brief discussion on Michael Crichton’s essay.
Am I open-minded? - Some thoughts on what it means to be “open minded.”

Ok, that turned out to be a larger list than I expected, feel free to check them all out! Heh, ok I know you probably won’t get to all of them, but maybe one that interests you!

Have a great week and I will get back to you all later!

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