Harrod and Funck

I have been going through some of my CDs and ran across one from Harrod and Funck. Jason Harrod and Brian Funck are a folkish singer/songwriter duo that put out some great songs. Here are a few excerpts from their self titled album “Harrod and Funck“:

Your Voice At Tidewater (4.67MB)

I can feel the ocean pulling inward, I’m sinking on sand.
It makes me think about Peter
Sinking like a stone, and not believing he grabs for your hand.

I go to a movie.
I can feel the tears on my neck stinging, because I just shaved.
Someone gets killed.
Someone else gets shot up real bad, and in the end someone gets saved.
And in the end someone gets saved.

And you say
Come, come, cry me a river now.
Come, come, laugh out loud.
Come, come, let me hear your heart beat.
Come, come, lay your body down.

Walk into the Wild (5.44MB) - About Chris McCandless (see Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer)

The bag of rice emptied yesterday, ranging through the wood, Alex knows the food is low.
But his ragged sould will never die, he rereads his tattered Walden and Dr. Zhivago.
Catch a fish, cherish the moment as he smokes it in the dirt.
His belly cries out louder, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Getting weaker by the day, without that map he burned Alex has lost his way.
Imprisoned by the river, day 100 still had the sweetest taste.
Writing on the bus, his mind slips into a dream.
“In God’s name someone help me.” Signed Chris McCandless.

Lion Song (3.40MB)

See the green rush by your head.
You will break out, you will.
‘Neath you run some fleeter feet.

‘Cause what have we not been given?
And what have we not been shown?

These two lions that I know,
As beautiful as they are strong,
Sleeping in each other’s arms.

So when the thunder rocks your bones,
And the night is cold and long,
Their jungle kept me.

Harrod and Funck have since gone thier own ways but Jason Harrod continues to sing and write. If he is in your area, I definitely recommend checking him out. He also recently came out with a new CD - Bright As You - that I need to pick up. I am sure it will compliment his Living in Skin quite well. If you like folk / bluegrass, you will enjoy Harrod I am sure.

Here are a few songs from a “bootleg” of a show at Zoka Coffee in Seattle that a friend recorded and I edited.
Carolina (3.96MB) - From Living in Skin
Siren Song (4.58MB) - From Living in Skin
Mad Girlfriend (4.23MB) - From Bright As You
Hand Draws Flowers (5.86MB) - From Harrod and Funck
Nemo Incognito (3.12MB) - Not previously recorded.
When I Get Home (4.06MB) - From Living in Skin

He also sang “When I Fly Away”, “Messed Up Everywhere Blues”, “Tidewater”, “Waiting For My Day”, “Worn Out Welcome”, “Kickin’ Mule”, “Goodnight Sunshine”, “Siobhan”, “39″, “Lion Song”, “Looming”, and “Place To Be” so if you want to hear any that I didn’t post, just email me.


Edit: I have created a page for Jason Harrod’s Live performance at Zoka Coffee on July 26th, 2003 so stop by to hear more of his songs.

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  1. April 6th, 2008 at 11:29 | #1

    hey, i was wondering, can i get the lyrics to “Carolina”? I have a special place in my heart for North Carolina so I love this song!

  2. April 6th, 2008 at 21:02 | #2

    Another Jason Harrod fan, Ben, has a bunch of lyrics up at his page: here is the Carolina lyrics page.

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