I’ll make this simple

As I am sure you are aware (the BBQs were a pretty good indicator), today is Memorial Day. I was thinking about writing up a long entry on what Memorial day means and its origins and everything. I decided against it because this holiday should be simple. Its meaning is simple: We are to honor those that have given their lives in service to our country. Regardless of your political affiliation, I hope you recognize that our soldiers fight and stand up for the freedoms we all too often take for granted. We think our freedom is free (true freedom is free though), but those that fight for it truly understand what it means.

If you would like the deeper story about Memorial Day, head over here, here, or here.

On a side (but significant) note, I believe that true freedom only comes from God and it is given without condition. We don’t have to do anything for God’s freedom and there is no way we can earn it. Just accept it and it is yours. Temporal freedom is nothing compared to God’s offer to us. Unfortunatley, temporal freedom must be faught for and defended.

I hope your weekends were filled with sun, BBQs, friends, family, laughs, memories, and thanks.

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