Google continues to amaze me. They also continue to increase the amount of time I waste!

Earth.Google is a piece of software that I have been trying to download for a while now, but because of heavy use, haven’t been able to. But they seemed to have opened downloads up again (I would get it while you can!). Google has combined their massive search database with their Local.Google search engine, their Maps.Google mapping engine, and numerous satellite databases (including the always impressive Digital Globe).

This is some cool software, plain and simple. I can’t even begin to describe all the features it has! One of the more fun things to do is to “fly” from one location to another on a particular route. You can map and get directions as you can on Maps.Google but with being able to see the exact physical route with roads highlighted. You can also automatically point out gas stations or malls or numerous other landmarks. My description doesn’t really do it justice. Not only is it fun to explore, it is also a great educational tool as there are information links all over the place! Go download it, you will be addicted!

For a few sample pictures of Seattle…

Go download Google Earth! Enjoy!

Also, Sinceretheory has pointed out that Google will also work as a currency converter. I really think they are taking over the world (along with Firefox). I wish I had money to buy their stock!


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