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I find it annoying when people tell me they will have an interesting post soon. But really, I will have an interesting post soon.

Chad and Meghan’s wedding was awesome! It was a great weekend of hanging out with Chad and the guys and then with everyone else on Saturday and Sunday. The wedding was beautiful and perfectly fitting with Chad and Meghan. The weather held through the service and then as soon as everyone was under cover, it rained buckets, it was great. Most of the guests stayed dry which was good, I was soaked. Such a fun party!

Both of my exes were there. One, as usual, went out of her way to completely ignore me and give rude looks to Greg. It’s called reality, look in to it. The other was there with her new husband. Somewhat awkward (as should be expected), she introduced me, he seemed like a nice enough guy. I asked how she was doing and offered my best wishes. I hope she thought I was sincere (which I was). Odd expereince to say the least. But none of that took away from the awesome weekend!

Congratulations Chad and Meghan!

I have just under two weeks before heading back up to Regent and will be using this time to hang out, read, camp, and pack. Should be a busy two weeks but hopefully I will offer some posts with more content. Stay tuned (or see my archive).

Ή χάρις του κυρίου ημων Ίησου Χριστου μεθ’ υμων.

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