Google Earth Helps Discover Ancient Ruins

I have seen this story floating around and thought it was pretty interesting. Google helps discover Roman ruins (Requires subscription to Nature). Italian Luca Mori (in Italian) was looking through Google Earth and discovered some odd shadowing in some farmland in his home town and has figured out that it is from Roman ruins buired beneath the surface. Pretty cool, eh? If you don’t have a subscription to Nature, you can hear about the story via Boing Boing, Red Herring, SlashDot, and other various blogs. Mori has also created a website (in Italian and some English translation) called Cyber Archaeologist for other information on the project.

Also, if you want to see it for yourself via Google Maps, Click here. Or punch in Lat/Long 44.881722, 10.423450 to Google Earth.

I am going to be away on a retreat this weekend with the Regent College folks, so I will see you later. Have a lovely weekend!

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