Another Regent College Christmas

Last night was Regent College’s annual Christmas party. It was good time of eating snacks, talking with folks, and listening to some great music and the Word. A lot of times I don’t really like parties like this because there ends up being a lot of small talk and I am not very good at small talk… But that’s ok, the music and the service make up for it. The program was very well organized and things seemed to go very smoothly. I think the two highlights were the “Scandinavian” quartet and the gospel chior (although the story times were very enjoyable too). I took some pictures that you can view below (click an image for larger version and the gallery), they didn’t turn out very well because, well, it was dark and I was far away. Oh well.

I also have three video clips of the gospel chior. PLEASE NOTE: these files are very large and will take a lot of time to download! I had to reduce the resolution of the third one because my camera’s memory card was running out of space. Gospel 1 (98.0 MB) - Gospel 2 (88.7 MB) - Gospel 3 (39.3 MB)

If you want, you could also check out the Regent Christmas 2004 Gallery.

-Matt Jones
לְחַיִּים 'To Life!'

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  1. December 9th, 2005 at 15:47 | #1

    If you become a teacher-especially if you teach in a private school-you will become VERY good at small talk. You know me and how anti-social I can be, so if I picked it up, you certainly will!! :)

  2. December 11th, 2005 at 15:58 | #2

    Gee, I suuuuure look forward to that!

  1. December 4th, 2005 at 18:31 | #1

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