Perfectly Pleasant Procrastination

Fitting alliteration. Tonight I skipped my last Christian Spirit class (did I mention that I will eventually be a teacher?) and drove down to Bellingham to enjoy a lovely evening of some amazing music offered by Late Tuesday and John Van Deusen at Bay Street Coffee. I know I have talked about these two groups before, but really, they are amazing and you should be listening to (and buying) their stuff! If you want to read/see/hear more about both from me, click my tags below, if you want to get more from them, click their links above.

John started the evening and played both old and new. I am blown away by his abilities (he is only 18!), his lyrics are clever and original and his voice is one that isn’t expected from a teenager. That is not to mention his magic on the guitar and keys. I guess my point is this: be on the lookout! He seems to be pretty down to earth and he has amazing support from both his parents (I met his mom tonight - very nice lady) so I hope everything goes well for him down the road. One of his new songs, Upside Down Tree, is pretty good and I am looking forward to hearing it on his forthcoming release. I would love to see a full length JVD show sometime! I recorded part of it at the show for you to see and hear (although the quality isn’t very good…). PLEASE NOTE: the file is very large, if you need me to break it down into small portions, please email me. Click to download (85.2 MB).

Next, the lovely ladies of Late Tuesday played a variety of songs but focused on their Christmas stuff (they have a great Christmas EP available at their site). The trio plays so well off each other and know how to entertain the crowd (it was a big crowd in a small coffee place). Their harmonies can’t be beat! Every time I see LT play I am left wanting more! They are playing again at the Q Cafe in Seattle the day after my last final (Friday, December 16th) so I might just have to head down earlier than planned… I also recorded a bit of their performance of Silent Night complete with Tara on the accordian! Again, PLEASE NOTE, the file is large, and still not very good quality… Click to download (72.0 MB). [EDIT: I have broken the clip into three somewhat smaller pieces, the links are available in the comment section.]

I hope I have convinced you that you should be listening to Late Tuesday and John Van Deusen, if not, I can’t comprehend why! Also, I noticed that no one has set me up with Dana yet, what’s with that?

Finally, here are a few pictures. Like the video, I am not very pleased with the picture quality. I think I need to start bringing my better quality camera when I am going to be in dark enviroments. But here they are anyway! Click a picture to take you to a larger version and the gallery.

So I am assuming I will see you at the Q Cafe in a week? Thought so. Hopefully I will get some better pictures next time.

-Matt Jones
לְחַיִּים 'To Life!'

  1. December 8th, 2005 at 12:47 | #1

    Skipping class…that’s some sketchy stuff going on! I skipped the last half too because it was lame!

  2. December 8th, 2005 at 20:10 | #2

    Heh, I am definitely sketch at the end of term. :) Oh well, hopefully the finall won’t be too hard!

    By request, I broke down the LT video clip. It is in AVI format @ 320×240. They are still fairly large so if they won’t download, let me know and I can try something different.

    Right-click and select “save as”:
    LT Silent 1 (13.1 MB)
    LT Silent 2 (25.5 MB)
    LT Silent 3 (25.3 MB)

  3. December 9th, 2005 at 07:27 | #3

    Good morning, Matt! I want to thank you for commenting on my blog, God and Me. I’ve read your comments a few times and am trying to take them to heart. You’re right, they don’t make things any easier but they are something to think about. Actually, I’ve come a long way in my feelings toward God since Daddy died. Then, I swore off God. I didn’t stop believing in Him, I stopped believing He was godd and cared anything about how I felt or what I needed. I decided He was unreliable and wouldn’t waste my time trying to reach Him. Now I feel differently. I’m still not sure that He cares about me but I do think it’s worth the effort to find out. Again, thanks for your kind words and have a great day and weekend! God bless, Dwana

  4. December 9th, 2005 at 12:14 | #4

    I’ll be there! Well, OK, not really but…

  5. December 10th, 2005 at 15:40 | #5

    Dwana, you are definitely dealing with some tough things and I think it is always good to have some outside opinion sometimes.

    I will be expecting to see you PM. ;)

  6. December 10th, 2005 at 21:16 | #6

    You’re sooooooo right! And I definitely value your opinion, Matt, os keep opining (I hope i spelled that right).

  7. December 14th, 2005 at 07:27 | #7

    Hey Matt! I posted in your guestbook but couldn’t pass up giving a comment here too!! How awesome (and weird) that you were in Bellingham! Isn’t it a wonderful hamlet? It’s a hamlet I miss very much and am eager to come home to for a couple of weeks. I miss going to Late Tuesday concerts!!! And I love the fact that performed at Bay Street Coffee House!
    If you didn’t read the guestbook, I answered your question in regards to my blog. Yes.. I changed. Silly server here at school blocked a bunch of blog sites so I had to use my website host and create a blog. It’s not too bad. At least I can still have one!!!

  8. December 14th, 2005 at 07:48 | #8

    That is too bad that you had to change blogs again! Bellingham is definitely a nice place. My sister is graduating from WWU and is pretty sad that she will be leaving. I might actually end up there to do my masters in education - it is MUCH cheaper than SPU.

    I hope your Christms break home is a pleasant one! God bless all your travels! :)

  1. December 10th, 2005 at 21:55 | #1
  2. April 11th, 2006 at 01:20 | #2

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