I have been tagged!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know that I did. Services on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day were great, I really enjoyed them. I am really glad that my church decided to have services on Sunday (see “No Christmas For You” for the some discussion on the original decision to be closed for Christmas). There was actually a very good turn out for the morning service (yay!). Our family gatherings were fun (even if overwhelming at times). I am looking forward to heading down to Woodland to see more family either tomorrow night or Wesnesday morning. Yay for Christmas!

I have never been tagged before, but apparently, it was the time for that! Laura of Pursuing Holiness has tagged me! As a respectable blogger [heh], I have taken up the challenge. My answers are in no particular order unless a particular order makes me seem more pious and holy. ;)

7 things to do before I die:

  • Travel the world (nice and generic, eh?)
  • Get married (or a date would be nice…)
  • Have kids (although the previous thing might need to come first)
  • Serve God well (hopefully more of an ongoing thing)
  • See the Holy Land (kinda part of the first thing, but not)
  • Learn the order of the books of the Bible! (Yes, I am in Seminary)
  • Do more (and sell?) photography
  • 7 things I can’t do:

  • Spell
  • Learn languages well
  • Remember things (yes, just in general)
  • Budget money (this is a very bad thing!)
  • Smalltalk
  • Cook (well I sometimes can if I put some effort into it)
  • Restrain my sarcasm…
  • 7 things that attract me to blogging:

  • I hate writing (with those things that have carbon in them), so this helps me get my thoughts down.
  • It is a great medium for dialogue, discussion, debate, and even arguments.
  • Fun and interesting way to keep in touch with people.
  • I find it very interesting to “talk” with people from all over the world with various backgrounds.
  • I have strong beliefs, but it is often difficult for me to put all those related thoughts together instantly (as needed with talking to a real person).
  • A certain degree of anonymity.
  • I must steal Laura’s last thing: “Because everyone is entitled to my opinion!”
  • 7 things I say most often:

  • That’s gonna leave a mark.
  • You’re the one…
  • Mmmmm bacon.
  • What’s wrong with you?
  • What?
  • That doesn’t make any sense.
  • You have got to be kidding me.
  • 7 books I love:

  • The Bible - Various Authors, H. Spirit
  • Ender’s Game - Orson Scott Card
  • Lord of the Rings (including The Hobbit and Silmarillion) - J.R.R. Tolkien
  • A Long Obedience in the Same Direction - Eugene Peterson
  • Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis
  • Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis
  • The Challenge of Jesus: Rediscovering Who Jesus Was and Is - N.T. Wright
  • 7 movies I watch over and over:

  • Tommy Boy
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Aliens
  • Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
  • Fight Club
  • Galaxy Quest
  • The Hunt For Red October
  • This was really difficult as there are a lot of movies that I love and watch over and over…

    Thanks for the tag Laura!

    -Matt Jones
    לְחַיִּים 'To Life!'

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    1. salmypal
      December 27th, 2005 at 06:27 | #1

      Hey…you should bring Fight Club down. I’ve never seen it and if you watch it over and over…I guess it could be good. Now, do you have to tag somebody?

    2. December 27th, 2005 at 12:04 | #2

      I am not sure if Fight Club is one you would like… hopefully. You know if Andy liked it? I suppose I am supposed to tag someone… but I don’t really know who to tag… so anyone, feel free to tag yourself. ;)

    3. December 28th, 2005 at 11:46 | #3

      I just stumbled onto your blog. I like it alot.

    4. January 1st, 2006 at 20:47 | #4

      Hi Matt! Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! My Christmas was great even though it was the first one without Daddy. I’m hoping and praying the new year will hold a lot more godd for me than the last one. Oh, I haven’t posted anything new on my blogs for the last two weeks because my dsl was donw due to lack of money, but it’s up again now and I’ve got new posts on both my blogs, so have a look see. I don’t know what getting “tagged” means but if it’s a good thing, congratulations! That’s all for now. Again, Happy New Year and happy blogging! And God bless!

    5. January 3rd, 2006 at 13:49 | #5

      Thanks :) Hope your Christmas holiday has been good (even if difficult).

      Being tagged is just a thing where one blogger posts answers to a bunch of questions from another blogger… I guess.

    1. December 24th, 2005 at 06:05 | #1

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