As my desktop crashed I found myself reinstalling everything again and figured this would be a good opportunity to check out Pack.Google. I must admit, this is really convienient, even for the “advanced” computer user. Yes, you may know how to go and download all the software yourself, but why bother? Google Pack allows you to select which software you want to be included in the download and after clicking a button it takes care of the rest. Another nice things is that the program keeps track of any updates to any of the software titles and lets you know about it. This is well worth checking out to keep you updated with some of the most common softare you need to keep you computer up and running. I am a bit surprised they didn’t have Quicktime on the list (probably an Apple issue). The list of included software:

  • Google Earth: if you haven’t used this yet it either means you have a slow computer or you are living in a cave… oddly with an internet connection though.
  • Google Desktop: Google’s powerful search engine for your desktop, also includes a simple RSS reader, todo list, and many other features.
  • Picasa: Google’s simple photo editor, haven’t used it much, but seems pretty neat.
  • Google Toolbar for IE: Didn’t get it because I don’t use IE.
  • Google Pack Screensaver: a picture slide show, pretty nice.
  • Firefox with Google Toolbar: This is a must have, plain and simple.
  • Ad-Aware Antispyware: a nice program that keeps your computer free of spyware.
  • Norton Anti-Virus: a 6 month subscription to the popular anti-virus software.
  • Adobe Reader: if you haven’t used this before you haven’t actually used your computer.
  • Google Talk: Google’s stripped down instant messenger program, also includes audio capabilities.
  • Real Player: Some people use this, I haven’t in quite a while.
  • Gallery Player: not really sure what this is, apparently will work as a screensaver or for desktop images of assorted artwork and photos.
  • Trillian: this is popular if you use a lot of instant messaging programs at once as it will combine them all into one program.
  • So there ya have it. Worth checking out even if your computer hasn’t crashed, but definitely keep it in mind for the next time it does.

    -Matt Jones

    PS.  Gmail finally added a delete button!! It’s about time!

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