At the Caboose!

The gang at the caboose: KC, me, Marcie, Chad, Leann, and Meghan (Dan, Stacey, and Hilary had to leave early)

I just got back from a wonderful weekend playing in the snow with some awesome friends at my aunt and uncle’s cabin (which is actually a renovated caboose) up at Snoqualmie Pass. It was the perfect weekend to relax and enjoy some time just hanging out with my friends.

To see most of the pictures that I took, you can see my At the Caboose - February 2006 page. Hopefully I will get some of the pictures others took and post them there as well.

Thanks for the wonderful weekend guys!
-Matt Jones

PS: A big congratulations to John Van Deusen who won the final of EMP’s SoundOff! I do wish I could have seen their performance, but, as winners for the contest, will get to perform at this year’s Bumbershoot so I will hopefully see them there. (Click to see pictures from John Van Deusen’s semifinal show.) If you would like to see John and the boys of the Lonely Forest, you can see them, AND the Pale Pacific(!!) along with another 10 (or so) bands at Bellingham’s UpFest this coming Friday (March 3rd). Check it out!

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  1. Nancy
    March 1st, 2006 at 18:23 | #1

    Matt, I’m jealous! Tom and I have been wanting to get up there for awhile now, just can’t seem to find the time! And this from two people who are supposed to be retired and have all the time we want!! Glad you had fun.
    Love ya!

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