Out to Lunch

… so to speak. I am headed out to vacation! “Vacation from what?” you might ask. Well, I really don’t know. But what ever it is, I am taking a vacation from it. First I will be headed to Wild Waves to chaperone seniors from Meridian High School on their senior skip day. Basically that means I get free entrance in and then I get to play and go on rides. Fun times. :) Then I will be headed down south to hang with family until we drive out to the beach for a week! I hope the weather is good! So until I get back, enjoy some great music or check out my MattJonesBlog.com Archive for all of my amazingly intelligent posts. As I still have not fully tested this new design, feedback is still greatly appreciated!

I leave you with this (also stolen from Pursuing Holiness), it is good times:

Have a great week and a half!

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  1. June 15th, 2006 at 12:21 | #1

    Diet Coke/Mentos Video=people with WAY too much time on their hands.

    Pretty funny, though.

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