Harry and the Potters!

Harry and the Potters!
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This was another full weekend! To sum up (with blog posts to follow… I am getting really backed up… I had better get off my butt!): Friday - met up with Erin, her friend Rebekah, Chad, Meghan, and Ron and Michele (they are so freaking awesome) to see some Wizard Rock with Harry and the Potters at the Seattle Public Library. Then went to see Superman at the IMAX in 3-D (loved the movie, awesome at IMAX, and the 3-D was very cool!). Spent that night at Chad and Meghan’s. Saturday drove to Tacoma to meet up with mom and Bob and Erin and then drove to Sequim for a fun family gathering at John’s property. Then caught the ferry (the one I wanted was already full when I got there and the last ferry of the night was already half full, so I was glad I got there when I did!) to Whidbey Island and drove back to Bellingham. Sadly, because the ferry I wanted was full, I didn’t get to see Dana’s solo show, so that kinda sucked. Church today. Done and done.

Erin talked me in to coming down to Seattle to see Harry and the Potters a group of two brothers who play Harry Potter year 4 and Harry Potter year 7. Their songs consist of musings on the various struggles that our dear friend Harry has gone though. The night at the Seattle Public Library was opened up by Draco and the Malfoys who shared their evil with the lot of us. For this post, I would like to direct you to two places: my Flickr set Harry and the Potters to see some pics from the show and to YouTube to Save Ginny Weasley or find out that Your Family is Poor (quick video clips from the show).

I must say that this experience was quite surreal. The crowd ranged from 5 year olds to 60 year olds (although I think at least half the crows was 16 year old girls in their home made “I love Harry and the Potters” tee shirts). I was also amazed at how large the crowd was, people were lined up around the library to get in! And so many people knew the words! It was wild. Harry and the Potters are trying to promote literacy (and oral hygene, oddly enough) and so have been playing at a lot of libraries around the country (as well as the occasional coffee house or rock venue).

The guys were quite creative and wrote some pretty interesting songs based on the life of Harry and his friends at Hogwarts. They did try to work a little political message in there that was pretty lame and didn’t really fit, but I won’t hold it against them. Heh. And remember, the weapon we have is love! :)

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