Jason Harrod at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern

Last Wednesday I invited some friends to see one of my favorite musicians: Jason Harrod (MySpace) at Bellingham’s Green Frog Acoustic Tavern. The tavern was kind of funky, but cool none the less. North Carolina’s Harrod put on a great show (I tend to enjoy his acoustic stuff over some of the electric verions on his CD… but really, they are all good). Unfortunately the place was pretty poorly lit so the pictures didn’t turn out too well, oh well. The neon beer sign gave his face a nice glow though. heh. Here they are anyway (Clickable for larger versions).

Also I got two short video clips: Harrod #1 (.mov file, 14.0 MB) and Harrod #2 (.mov file, 12.7 MB)

If you are a Jason Harrod fan or want to be one, you should check out my Jason Harrod Live at Zoka Coffee. A full recording of a performance of Jason’s at Seattle’s Zoka Coffee. It is awesome.

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