The 2006 Perseids

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Last night I drove out into the countryside (sort of) to check out this year’s Perseid meteor shower. It was a pretty nice night and I was able to see a decent number of meteors, but because of the brightness of the waning gibbous moon, the viewing was not favorable. It was also a bit hazy which spread the moon’s light. I thought that my camera might have caught a few streaks, but sadly, nada.

I thought a few of the shots I took turned out ok. The image at right shows the silhouette of the tree I was hiding behind so as to avoid some of the moon’s light. If you want to see a few pics from the night’s sky, see my Flickr set: 2006 Perseids. The larger views (available there) look pretty nice… if you are in to that sort of thing. ;)

The Perseids occur when the earth’s orbit passes through dust and debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle. They are called the Perseids because the radiant point (the location where all the meteors appear or originate from) is in the constellation Perseus. Usually the Perseids put on a great show, but because of the nearly full moon this year, viewing was hindered. Maybe next year will be more fruitful!

Wikipedia - Perseids
NASA - Perseid Earthgrazers

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