The Lonely Forest on Tour!

The Lonely Forest started up a west coast tour this past Monday and I got to hit up three of their shows. The first was at Western Washington University’s Viking Union, the second was at Portland State University, and the third was at a club in Portland called Studio 415. They were all good shows although definitely had their quirks. The two shows at the universities were fun, but WAY too short. It was enough to get people interested so they would hopefully check out more of their stuff. The show at Studio 415 was awesome because it was a small group (well, I suppose they would have liked it better if it was a large group) and they were the only band playing. The sucky think was the audio guy that worked there apparently had no idea what he was doing because they couldn’t get the monitors working well for about 45 minutes. And two times during the show John’s mic stopped working. Cool venue if they could only get their act together. Regardless of that, they music was awesome and intense and the guys just seemed to be having fun.

Be sure to check out my Lonely Forest page for lots of info, pics, video clips, etc. from the Lonely Forest. AND stop by The Lonely Forest’s MySpace page for their tour dates. If you are in California, definitely stop by so you can catch a show.

[UPDATE] You can now purchase tickets to two of the Lonely Forest’s shows at their MySpace Page to purchase them via paypal for a discounted price. The two shows: October 19th, 8:30 @ San Francisco’s Red Devil Lounge!! October 24th, 7:15-8:00 @ Las Angeles’ legendary Troubadour!! These will be two great shows at two amazing venues down in CA! [/UPDATE]

The video clips I will add to this post when I get back home to Bellingham and get a chance to edit them [UPDATE II: they have been added below]. A bunch of the pictures I took have been added to my Flickr photostream in various sets: All of the pictures can be found in the set The Lonely Forest on Tour! The three shows also have their own sets: Lonely Forest @ Studio 415, Lonely Forest @ PSU, and Lonely Forest @ WWU. I have also posted a few of the pics below, clicking the image will take you to its flickr page.

[UPDATE II: 9 Videos added!]

All the video clips have been added to my Lonely Forest YouTube Playlist if you would rather view them there. Please Note: LARGE FILES.

From WWU’s Viking Union:

  • Tea of the Scientist, Coffee of the Priest - full song, 60.9 MB, .mpg file, 5:40
  • New song, as yet untitled - full song, 37.9 MB, .mpg file, 3:32
  • Nuclear Winter - full song, 42.5 MB, .mpg file, 3:57
  • New song, as yet untitles, tenatively BT - nearly full song, 35.1 MB, .mpg file, 3:16
  • From PSU:

  • Nuclear Winter - full song, 43.2 MB, .mpg file, 4:02
  • From Portland’s Studio 415:

  • God is Dead - full song, 41.7 MB, .mpg file, 3:53
  • New song, as yet untitles, tenatively BT - full song, 56.7 MB, .mpg file, 5:17
  • Tea of the Scientist, Coffee of the Priest - full song, 66.5 MB, .mpg file, 6:11
  • Cool instrumental version of Are You Afraid of the World? - full song, 59.0 MB, .mpg file, 5:30
  • These first four pics are funny because all four guys have their faces obsecured by their hair.

    John Van Deusen + Hair
    Originally uploaded by mattithyahu.

    Eric Sturgeon + Hair
    Originally uploaded by mattithyahu.

    Braydn Krueger + Hair
    Originally uploaded by mattithyahu.

    Tony Ruland + Hair
    Originally uploaded by mattithyahu.

    Eric and Braydn
    Originally uploaded by mattithyahu.

    Originally uploaded by mattithyahu.

    Originally uploaded by mattithyahu.

    So there is a samping for you, be sure to check all the pictures out at my flickr set The Lonely Forest on Tour! And also check back some time next week for the video clips.

    More of the photos. Clicking with take you to their flickr page.

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    1. October 13th, 2006 at 18:39 | #1

      Poor sound guy. Incompetent or not, that’s a terrible feeling.

    2. October 13th, 2006 at 22:29 | #2

      You sound people, always sticking together! ;)

    3. leztype
      October 14th, 2006 at 17:09 | #3

      kick eric out of the band

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      Puh-lease! You are talking crazy!

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      wait, so you’re NOT a paid band promoter? p

      and why the heck is the font in this post box so freakin tiny? *blinks* am I getting old?

    6. October 16th, 2006 at 18:29 | #6

      Haha, I should be! But then it would be a “job” and who wants that!? ;)

      No, you aren’t getting old, the type in the comment box is really small, I keep forgetting to do something about it…

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      car you.

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      Seriously, grow up.

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      nice :)
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