The Lonely Forest at the Historic University Theater

Better late than never, right? After a bit of a break, I am finally posting the pictures and videos from a kickin’ performance by The Lonely Forest at Seattle’s Historic University Theater!

For the full set of pictures (and additional sizes), see my Flickr set: The Lonely Forest @ University Theater. And here are the video clips for your downloading pleasure (once again, note the large file sizes before you choose to download). They have also been uploaded to my YouTube Lonely Forest playlist. They played a lot of new stuff from the Nuclear Winter project that has a very different feel than the God is Dead project, but still just as amazing.

  • Cygnus - .mpg, 40.8 MB, 3:48
  • Stars and Moons - .mpg, 24.0 MB, 2:14
  • Nuclear Winter - .mpg, 40.3 MB, 3:45
  • All of Me - Is this really the name of the song? I always call it “The Dune Song” - .mpg, 45.9 MB, 4:16
  • Unknown - Another new one from the Nuclear Winter project that I don’t remember the name of. - Especially take note of Evan’s (of Capitol Basement) lovely interpretive dance moves! - .mpg, 42.1 MB, 3:55
  • Are You Afraid of the World? - .mpg, 58.4 MB, 5:26
  • As always, be sure to check out my Lonely Forest blog page for lots of pictures, music, info, and videos. Also, I have started up the Lonely Forest Street Team to keep you all updated with info and show. It is still under construction, but feel free to check it out. See you at the next show!

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    1. Susan Van Deusen
      January 4th, 2007 at 06:58 | #1

      matt…you rock from the heart man. thx for your support of john and his buddies.

    2. January 7th, 2007 at 12:59 | #2

      Thanks Susan, I definitely enjoy supporting the guys! It was great to see you and Rusty. I hope your Christmas and New Year’s were blessed.

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