Last week I drove down to Mount Vernon to catch Snodfest, a night of music to raise money for Theo’s Work an non-prof supporting humanitarian efforts in southern Haiti. There were three bands that I wanted to see: Corbin Watkins, The Tallest Building in the World, and The Lonely Forest.

I had seen Corbin twice before and was looking forward to hearing him again, be looking for his new album coming out in March! I was really looking forward to hearing Tallest Building because I have heard a lot about them, but hadn’t seen them yet. They were a lot of fun to hear and see, they kept up their intensity (and there was lots of it) throughout the entire performance. Isaac Marion was great to watch and seems to be the master of multi-tasking as he played two sets of keys, guitar, the mototron (a cool stringed instrument that he created), and sang. Pretty awesome. Tallest Building was also recently on KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle, the performance can be heard here by putting in Saturday, Feb 10 at 8:00 PM. And finally, there was The Lonely Forest (my Lonely Forest blog page). Their new stuff is really growing on me. The Nuclear Winter stuff is pretty different from the God is Dead stuff that I really love, but hearing it more and more is really winning me over.

I took some pictures of The Tallest Building and The Lonely Forest and posted them at my Flicrk set: Snodfest. Also, Kristy Crew took some amazing pictures of The Lonely Forest’s performance and posted them here (scroll down), they are well worth checking out (I especially like these three). I took one video clip of The Tallest Building and a few of The Lonely Forest that are now up at my YouTube so be sure to check out my Lonely Forest YouTube playlist.

Here are the clips:

  • Tallest Building in the World:
  • Self Surgery (partial clip, .mpg, 30MB) - @ YouTube - The video clip doesn’t come close to showing the intensity that the show had, it was pretty awesome. Note the appearance of John Van Deusen on backup vocals/screams.
  • Lonely Forest:
  • Hangman (.mpg, 62MB) - @ YouTube - There is also an instrumental intro to this that may have a name that I don’t know…
  • Cygnus (.mpg, 43.5MB) - @ YouTube
  • Unknown (partial, .mpg, 14MB) - @ YouTube
  • Instrumental (partial, .mpg, 16MB) - @ YouTube
  • Leader Holding His Head (.mpg, 37MB) - @ YouTube
  • Unknown (.mpg, 31MB) - @ YouTube - The intensity has mounted! Be sure to check out John punching his keyboard and throwing it around and Eric throwing his bass! Stop breaking things!
  • A few of the pics - full set here.

    John and Braydn - Eric

    Isaac getting into it - Isaac on his Mototron

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    1. February 14th, 2007 at 23:19 | #1

      These boys look like dangerous subversives.

    2. February 15th, 2007 at 13:42 | #2

      Oh you had better believe it!

    3. February 16th, 2007 at 10:40 | #3

      Dangerous 1970s subversives. Especially the bass player, the hair, the shoes, the lighting, the stripes on the wall. Scary.

    4. May 15th, 2008 at 13:27 | #4

      These guys are all friends of mine, they are all really brilliant and down to earth, humble people. and they put on a great show. glad to be a part of it. i miss all of them

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