Leaving Tillicum…

Third quarter at Tillicum has just ended (although it seems like the grading has just begun…). This means that my student teaching has ended. It actually really snuck up on me! A teacher at another middle school here in Bellevue is going on medical leave and has asked me to fill her position as a long term substitute. Pretty cool, eh?

I have to say that it is really hard to leave Tillicum. My two mentor teachers have been an amazing help in building up my abilities. Their encouragement, suggestions, and careful observations have really helped me grow as a teacher over this past year. While I know that switching schools in the last quarter when the kids start to get crazy will be difficult, I am confident that I have been well prepared for the task.

The kids have also made it very difficult to leave. They have been a great group of kids! They, really, are the hardest part about leaving. They have grown on me this year and I hope that I have made an impact in their lives and education.

Here are a few shots of the kids I am leaving behind!

The kids just before their spring break. I am sad that I didn’t get a picture of my 2nd period 7th graders. :( All the shots are of my 8th grade physics classes.

R.E.M. - Leaving New York

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  1. salmypal
    April 7th, 2008 at 09:21 | #1

    Looks like a fun bunch of kids. Excited about your long term sub job though…good luck!

  2. April 9th, 2008 at 00:42 | #2

    Comment from Nancy:

    “Matt, that is so cool that you will be doing a long term sub. Best way to get into a real job!! It is hard to leave the kids isn’t it? Wait til they are actually yours - then it gets even harder!!
    Hugs to you!!”

    I’m not really sure why it posted to the wrong post, I think it was an issue with the theme I was trying out…

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