“The Ultimate Shakedown” - Hebrews 12:18-29

All Saints Church - Bill Berger - Hebrews 12:18-29

This section is about us living the unshakable life, the life we want, the life that we would go to the self-help section for. We are looking for stability.

The Shakable Life: v18-21. Fundamental spiritual approach to life: with our worldview, how do we deal with things? “I tried my best…” That is how we generally face life and how we go through things. Or have we tried our best? “Do unto others…” Have we ever actually spent a day trying to meet the needs of others? Tried to put ourselves in their shoes? We are all failing. Moses introduced a world view for a God way of living: but it shook them! Not the God experience they were looking for. Why is it so earthquake-y to get near God? If we build our lives around specific traits (like being smart or having money or having a significant other), our world can crash when others are better. These things fall apart in the presence of God; our true selves our revealed, it gets uncomforatable. It is untenable to live in this way. Meltdown is inevitable.

The Unshakable Life: But… there is another way to live. v22: Mt Zion. Earthly vs. Heavenly city. I advance myself by using others. City based on power vs. Peace. Principle understanding is my life to serve you. What if we lived in a way that said me second, everyone else first? What would that look like? We can live part of that city, we can live as citizens of that city right now. We are told that if we live for God’s will we won’t be happy (what if he doesn’t want me to be rich?). We are holding on too tight, we need to let go. There is a reality and an ocean of joy out there for us. For us to do what He tells us, that is joy and happiness.

How to receive the Unshakable Life: Cf Luke 10: Go out, heal, pray, cast out. The disciples come back excited, but Jesus tells they are excited about the wrong things: not the achievements, do not build our reality on things that are shakable, but around Christ. Your identity is not wrapped up in the fact that we are broken. It has to go back to the cross of Christ, that is the final shake-up. The ultimate judge came down to be judged and was shaken so we could be unshaken. ALL relationships can be shaken (so don’t build our identity on them) because they are incomplete and point to the unshaken relationship that was created on the cross.

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