The Lonely Forest signs with Chris Walla’s new label

The Lonely Forest with Chris Walla

Back last May when Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie said that The Lonely Forest was “totally doing it for me right now”, I knew that good things would be on the horizon for The Lonely Forest. A few months ago I was talking to John at a show and he mentioned that there were some big things happening and that it looked like they were going to be picked up by a label. How exciting that would be! Well, earlier this week, The Stranger reported that Walla’s new label, Trans, an imprint of Atlantic Records, has signed The Lonely Forest as their first band. Awesome indeed! From the article:
Walla initially approached the band members about producing them, but soon decided to create the Trans imprint with Atlantic to release their records as well.

“I’ve been lucky enough to make records with tons of phenomenal bands, and I’ve considered [starting a label] a number of different times,” he says. “I don’t know—is it oversimplified to say it’s them and it just makes sense? This wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the Lonely Forest. They’re a phenomenal band. I’ve been following my nose for so many years, doing the things that felt like the right thing to do. And this time the answer was yes.”

I am definitely looking forward to this union of talents! Great job guys and great pick up by Walla!

The Lonely Forest is currently on a good sized tour (check out their MySpace page for show info) and will be doing an all-ages show at Neumos on Tuesday, March 2nd (they will be going on around 10:30), $15. Hope to see you there!

And a little extra: check out a great version of Woe is Me from Catapult Records and KEXP.

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