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Nice alliteration, eh?

I would hop briefly over to USS Clueless to catch a short post from Steven den Beste. I don’t think he is coming back, but it was nice to hear from him again (his comments relate to the war in Iraq and the loss of US soldiers there):

It is a tragic fact of life that sometimes we must sacrifice the best among us to preserve and protect that which we love most.

My greatest satisfaction now is knowing that their sacrifice was not wasted. I strongly argued in favor of this war, knowing full well that if we fought it that many, many good young men and women would die, whether we won it or lost it. That was always a very heavy weight. I felt and still feel that it was the right course for this nation to follow, and recent events clearly show that now to all but the most willfully blind.

But we cannot and should not forget the price that was disproportionately paid by a very few. Victory is never cheap. Liberty is the most precious thing we have, and it has been paid for in blood yet again.


Now if people would actually see that true freedom is completely free in Christ. Sometimes that is hard for people to believe because our “earthly” freedoms must be faught for. Our “Earthly” freedoms are still important and should be faught for, for all people, not just those in the US, but the fact that they are not truly “free” point to something else I feel. They are lacking, incomplete.

All your sins can be forgiven,
all of this was always free.
Jesus loves without condition,
this is what freedom means to me.

FIF “The Cross of St. Andrew” (Emphasis added)

What does freedom mean to you? Is it free? Should it be free?


Alos, check out the comments at the original post [No longer available, :( sorry!].

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