The Monthly Family Book / CD / DVD Review

My mom’s side of the family is doing something different this year for birthdays. In stead of buying something for everyone else, we pick a book and a cd or dvd that we particularily like and we send that around to all the different family members. So each month we get a new book to read and a dvd to watch or cd to listen to. Through this we will gain some more insight into the person who picked it as well as have an introduction to stuff we may not have had much experience with before.

Here are the picks that I will be sending around:
Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” - A fun adventure that hopes to give a more realistic approach to views on global warming. Crichton’s biases are definately against global warming, but his point of the book is more along the lines of listening to scientific information and not emotion. Public policy and our understanding of the environment should be informed by science and not opinion. Basically a proper balance of “enviornmentalism” and reality should be held. This description doesn’t really make much sense, so just go read the book, it is a quick read that is interesting and fun.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - I found this to be a very interesting movie about relationships and memories. It was well made and well acted, was nice to see Jim Carry in a more serious role. Check it out.

I will (hopefully) write a brief review every month on the book and cd / dvd that I received. Should be a pretty interesting experiement!


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