The 2006 Family Book and CD/DVD Exchange

Well I was pretty bad about doing this every month last year, hopefully this year will be better. In lieu of giving everyone birthday presents, our family (on my mom’s side) has decided to select our own choice of a book and a CD or DVD and to pass it around to other family members throughout the year. It is a nice way of reading/seeing/hearing things we might not normally hear and to see what others are interested in. (The original post is here.) If you want to see any of the posts I did last year (I kinda fell off after May…), you can see the category: Family Book and CD/DVD Exchange. I will (hopefully) be posting a monthly review from my selection.

My Selections:

This year my book selection is The Challenge of Jesus: Rediscovering Who Jesus Was and Is by N.T. Wright. This is a great book on the historical Jesus by a great New Testament scholar. The book is, indeed, challenging and helps to form a healthy understanding of what the Gospel message should look like in our lives.

My CD selection is John Van Deusen and the Lonely Forest, his second EP. John is a talented young musician from Anacortes, WA who has some amazing potential. I will be posting a longer review of this CD shortly so you can know more about it [EDIT: I have posted a review of The Lonely Forest's EP]. I have posted quite a few times about John Van Deusen, so check those out for more info and some of his music.

I think there are a lot of good selections this year so be on the look out!

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