All good things…

…must come to an end. Had a great week down near Gearhart on the coast of Oregon. The week consisted of eating, reading, building sand castles, jumping waves, watching movies, playing games, and more eating. It was VERY difficult to get to work this morning!

My family finally convinced me that I need to read the Harry Potter books so I read the first four and watched the three movies that are out over the week as well. (I just started book five as well.) It was great to see Andy and Katie again as it has been quite a while. Good times with the family were had by all, too bad it couldn’t have been two weeks. Oh well.

I will follow with pictures sometime.

This will probably be a slow week for me as I have a bunch to do (including pack for a camping trip this weekend). Four things to be aware of if you are in the Seattle area:

August 17th: The Pale Pacifc has a show at The Catwalk.
August 18th: Late Tuesday has a show at The Crocodile Cafe along with del Sol.
August 21st: Late Tuesday’s Jocelyn will be performing with Aaron Sprinkle and Sherri Youngward at The Q Cafe as part of “Round 3″ (see my post on “Round 2″).
August 24th: John Van Deusen has a show at Bethany Covenant Church (Mount Vernon) with The OC Supertones.

See the respective websites for more details.

Also, what the heck? I am gone for a week and Jews are leaving Gaza? Wow am I out of the loop!

Ή χάρις του κυρίου ημων Ίησου Χριστου μεθ’ υμων.

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  1. August 17th, 2005 at 08:45 | #1

    I was out of the US a week myself, and out of the state for the three before that, with only intermittant internet for the whole time. It took me all of last night just to catch up on my webcomics! :) I haven’t started on the news yet, though the one important thing I did know about was the British Airways strikes, since my bf and I were flying with them. Thankfully we weren’t really affected, except for getting free chocolates and tea, but that’s a story for another time. ;)

  2. JillW
    August 18th, 2005 at 10:18 | #2

    And…don’t forget the candy store and all the nostalgia there - “Flicks,” red wax lips, wax bottles, candy cigarettes (not that that’s a good thing).

  3. August 18th, 2005 at 15:34 | #3

    Welcome back to the country zanderperl! It is hard to catch up on things. Heh, it is much easier to become aware of something if you are stuckin the middle of it! Glad the strikes didn’t cause you too much strife.

    Of course I couldn’t forget the candy store, my teeth are still feeling it! Those “flick” were pretty good, not sure about the wax lips though..

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