Out to Lunch

Well folks, I am headed down to the Oregon coast with my family for a week of sitting in the sun, playing in the sand, building sand castles, reading, eating, playing games, and whatever else we can came up with. I hope you will take a look at the MattJonesBlog Archive Page and look for previous posts that might interest you. Also, check out the Tags and Categories Page if you are interested in particular categories. Have a great week and feel free to comment on anything and I will respond when I get back.

One other thing, I am trying to setup a new home page and an astronomy page. If you have a moment, please head over to astro.mattjonesblog.com and home.mattjonesblog.com and offer any feedback and suggestions as you can! It would be greatly appreciated!

Ή χάρις του κυρίου ημων Ίησου Χριστου μεθ’ υμων.

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