Katrina Relief Contributions

The Truth Laid Bear is keeping track of all the generosity of the Blog for Relief Day. Currently there has been over $80,000 donated to various charities ($3000 in the few minutes it took to write this post) with over 1000 blogs participating.

Glenn over at Instapundit is running a list of charities to donate to.

I have choosen World Vision to donate to. Please feel free to donate to their Katrina family support program. If you donate to World Vision (or any other charity) and would like to be added to the Blog Relief Day, head over to the contribution page and get listed. If you want to use me as the referral, I am listed there as “Matt Jones’ Random Acts of Verbiage…”.

Again, I would like to point you to two places. One is NBC’s WLBT and their amazing Katrina video footage. The other is the Katrina Wiki page as they have an amazing amout of resources for those looking for help and information as well as those needing help. Check it out.

Also be aware of some Katrina related scams being sent around the internet. Make sure all email and charities are legitimate. See Online scams emerge in Katrina’s wake from zdnet for more information.

Ή χάρις του κυρίου ημων Ίησου Χριστου μεθ’ υμων.

UPDATE: As of 10:00pm PST over $200,000 has been donated as part of the Blog for Relief Weekend. Oh yeah, it is not a weekend event, not just today! Keep the funds coming!

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