Katrina Satellite Imagery

Once again, Digital Globe has put together some amazing imagery from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Check out their Katrina Image Gallery to see what they have put together as most of the images were just taken yesterday (August 31st). You will find high resolution images of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Also, I have saved to my server three pdf documents that are especially interesting, saddening, and well put together. Hurricane Katrina - New Orleans analysis, Hurricane Katrina - Biloxi analysis, and Hurricane Katrina - Mississippi Coastline analysis should definitely be looked through.

Global Security has used some of the Digital Globe imagery and created some New Orleans overlays. See especially here, here, here, and here.

Here are a few of the images I have pulled from the Digital Globe imagery. Check out the full images at their site for the full thing.

This was the Bellaire Levee on the Letairie Outfall Canal in the Northwest part of New Orleans (image has East at top)

This is at the interchange of I-10 (East/West) and I-610 (North/South)

The image on the left was captured from Google Earth (who gets much of their imagery from Digital Globe) and is of the Surekote Levee on the East side of New Orleans. The image on the right was taken yesterday by Digital Globe with their QuickBird satellite.

I have probably gone against Digital Globe‘s “Editorial Usage Rules” and if so, I apologize and can take the images down if needed. I hope they understand!

The imagery sure says a lot about the magnitude of the hurricane. Keep praying and donating. Both are needed.

Also, the Blog for Relief Day has been extended into Blog For Relief Weekend! So when you donate, be sure to log your contribution and if you are so inclined, use “Matt Jones’ Random Acts of Verbiage…” as your referral. The fund raiser has brought in over $200,000 to various charities through over 1200 blogs!

Stop by Chrenkoff to see his Hurricane Exploitation Quotes post. It is a great read. For all those that want to blame republicans or global warming, this isn’t for you! Heh.

Ή χάρις του κυρίου ημων Ίησου Χριστου μεθ’ υμων.

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    The devastation is damn crazy.

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    thanks for the links…great blog!

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