A Late Tuesday Christmas

A good way to finalize the fall term at Regent was to head down south and see a Christmas performance by Late Tuesday, Andy Davis, and Acoustic Christmas. I met up with Marcie at the Q Cafe for a great show that highlighted some great Christmas tunes. Late Tuesday and Acoustic Christmas were even part of this year’s Christmas in the Northwest (a fundraiser for Children’s Hospitals) along with Dave Matthews, Harvey Danger and many others.

This really was a great show. I had heard good things about Andy Davis and I can understand why! He is quite talented and seemed to easily keep the audience entertained. I would definitely recommend his stuff. The three guys of Acoustic Christmas were also very enjoyable and entertaining. I just ordered their Christmas CD (Its only $10 people! Pick it up!) because their renditions of some of my favorite Christmas music are done wonderfully, I especially like having a violin in with the mix of guitars. And, of course, Dana, Tara, and Jocelyn put on another great show. They have been working hard this winter promoting the Christmas in the Northwest CD and putting on shows all over the state. If I hadn’t been able to convince you to check out the music, you really should do it now! They won’t be doing shows for a while as they will be working on their next album that is slated to come out late spring (this will definitely make it more difficult to get a date with Dana! Someone help me out! ;)). Look forward to that!

I hope that the ladies won’t mind, but I have uploaded four of the songs off their Christmas EP for your listening pleasure (you should also buy it from them):
O Come O Come Emmanuel (3.92 MB)
O Holy Night (5.18 MB)
Their two original pieces on the EP:
Storybook Beautiful (3.57 MB)
This Holiday (3.05 MB)

I only took two pictures at the end of the night when all three groups came on stage to sing, click for the larger image (they are basically the same pictures, sorry I didn’t get more!):

Thanks for the show and Merry Christmas!

-Matt Jones
????????? 'To Life!'

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  1. Nancy
    December 19th, 2005 at 18:59 | #1

    Matt, I love the Late Tuesday Christmas CD…thanks! My only complaint is that it is too short!!
    I’ll probably see you tomorrow for Narnia!!

  2. December 20th, 2005 at 00:11 | #2

    I completely agree Nancy! I would love to hear more Christmas stuff from them… maybe some day!

    Yay for Narnia (I am pretty sure I will be there)!

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